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Don't Miss Out This Christmas


Someone rightly said that being forewarned is to be forearmed. And the month of December, more than any other month, is a time when you want to be forearmed. If we're not careful, this Advent season can come and go leaving us regret, credit card debit, and a few unwanted pounds, all the while leaving us largely unchanged in our hearts. To make sure that December works for you, we have created a list of suggestions that would be doable to assit you in creating memories, traditions, and special times with those around you.

(1)  Cutting Down Your Christmas Tree—In 2016, Jennifer and I and our family cut down our first Christmas Tree and it was an amazing experience. Nothing like throwing on a flannel, picking up a saw and laying in the dirt to ensure you take home the freshest well rounded tree possible. I bit into the branches and rubbed pitch onto my face as did every other man at the Tree Farm.

(2)  Baking Special Foods—About 20 years ago my uncle Joe made our family what we call Christmas Bread, and we have made it every year since. It’s a part of our Christmas tradition to have warmed up “Christmas Bread” with butter on top.Well, it’s mostly me who uses the butter and extra frosting. 

(3)  Go Out To A Special Production—Last year, Jennifer and I got a hotel in the Seattle area and I took Anna to see the Nutcracker at the preforming arts center. We bought her a pretty dress and a jacket, watched the show and walked to Dicks Burgers afterwards. This is now an annual tradition for our family as Jen also did something special with Phinneas. Take time to invest in those around you by watching a play, a movie or an event that creates memories. Look ahead at the calendar and book it.

 (4)  Purchase Or Rent Christmas Movies—December is a wonderful time to take in some both classic Christmas movies as well as new ones. Our family loves watching It’s A Wonderful Life, Elf, Christmas Vacation, The Christmas Story, the animated version of Scrooged as well as others. Add to your collection each year and schedule some movie nights ahead of time so they don’t get skipped.  

(5)  Do Advent Readings Every Day—It doesn’t have to be December to spend time looking at Jesus’ birth, but for whatever reason the Christmas season lends itself to be about Christ. Take time reading the Advent story from Luke 2, the Advent Devotional Readings and if you have kids, have them color alongside you as your read to them.

(6)  Gather Up Good Christmas Music—Shortly after November begins the Christmas music starts playing; and I love it! Load up your phones, or your music players with Christmas albums, new and old alike. Among our favorites are; Justin Rizzo—Christmas, Jon Thurlow—Songs about Jesus, Lauren Daigle—Behold, Josh Garels—The Light Came Down,  and Frank Sinatra—A Jolly Christmas

(7)  Christmas Day—There are two things that happen every Christmas Day since I can remember. Frist, as we open presents with our family, we always go around the room from person to person opening gifts one at a time. This allows us to celebrate with each other as they open their gifts. And secondly, we have a big Christmas breakfast where we sit around in our pajamas usually eating eggs, bacon, biscuits and Christmas Bread. Take time this Christmas and make memories, not in how big the gifts are, but the time shared with one another. 

Although these are personal things that me and my family do during the Christmas holiday, I believe that would be helpful for any family. If you already have your own traditions then by all means keep doing what you have always done. But if your looking for something, or something new, then these are for you. 

Whatever you do, have a very Merry Christmas. 

Patrick and Jennifer Walton