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Legacy Church Blog

Give: Serving God with our Time, Treasures, and Talents


Throughout our time in ministry, Jennifer and I have been moved by God throughout His body, placing us where He wants us and not so much where we wanted us. Now, it’s not that we haven’t liked where God has placed us, but rather that on our own, we wouldn’t have picked the places where we have served. Once we got there, and settled the fact that God had placed us there, it was okay and in most cases, we were excited.

 Serving God has taken Jennifer and I on a wild ride that we never foresaw when we said yes to Jesus and to each other. The wild part of our ride has included great challenges that we didn’t initially see, as well as the rewards. I like to say that there are thousands of people, journeys, blessings, and opportunities on the other side of your yes to Jesus. Serving works to bridge what you feel internally with what you can’t see externally. What I mean is that many people feel a call to do something great in God, but can’t see beyond today how it will play out. Serving Jesus and others gets you moving in the right direction, and as you’re moving, Jesus can further direct your steps.

And when it comes to serving, something that we have found helpful is to make sure that we are serving out of our identity in Christ and not for it. You might not think that’s a big deal, but through reading the scriptures and our personal experience, we have come to see it as a massive deal. Our lives work best when we are established in who Christ says we are. This way, we don’t need to hear it from others, because we’ve already heard it from Christ.

To hear more about our value for SERVING you can listen to the message from Sunday, November 19th 2017.