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Go: The Pilgrim People of God

The Bible is a movement oriented book. It begins with movement, it’s sustained throughout the duration of the story by movement, and it closes with a call to movement beyond life in this age into the age which is yet to come. We might think that the Great Commission began in Matthew 28, but in truth, this call to evangelize, or to herald the good news of the Gospel, to all the world was given first to Israel in the Old Testament before it was ever given to Gentiles. 
At the temporary stumbling of Israel upon Jesus death and resurrection, God didn't enact a new plan to spread His story into the nations. He simply shifted who would be taking that message and what they would be saying. God’s people have always been called to a pilgrim life. The Greek word for Pilgrim that’s used both by the writer of Hebrews and Peter means, “someone who is traveling through a city or local place, but stays long enough to build relationships and friendships before moving to the next place.” 
This is our call as followers of Jesus, that we would drop the preverbal anchor in our neighborhoods, workplace, classroom, and grocery store for the purpose of connecting with those people in meaningful ways so that we can share both His message and our life. In the final session of our “Welcome Home” series I covered the final value of our ministry, which is, “Going to those that are far from Christ."
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