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Living for God's Glory

Blog_Living for God's Glory

Many of us became familiar during our childhood with the idea of “being the bigger person.” We heard this phrase growing up with a sibling, or in the course of playing with other kids on the playground. When there is company over at our house, we are commonly telling the kids, “Listen, your friends are here, and those toys that are typically YOURS are now theirs during their time at our house. You need to be the bigger person and share.”

Now, hearing this message and actually walking it out, or doing it, are two totally different things. And my assumption is that few of us mastered this in our childhood and have still struggled with it during our adulthood. The reason for the struggle is that it doesn’t come natural to us to prefer and serve others beyond our own desires.

But this lifestyle, this choice to become the bigger person, to prefer others, to serve others, was something that by God’s grace, Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ was able to walk out by the Spirit’s help. Throughout Paul’s 30+ years of ministry, he intentionally placed himself difficult situations to become an example to others. This meant laying down rights and freedoms that he had in Christ, and becoming like Jesus to those that he was serving.

Now in living this way, Paul’s end game was that others might enter into everything that God had called them into. It can be said this way, “Paul wanted something for them, not something from them.” This is a very different way to live. When we live wanting something for people we serve them for Christ’s sake. In 1st Thessalonians 2:12 Paul is clear that he had subjected himself to the Thessalonians, laying aside the rights that he had in the Gospel so they might walk worthy of the call that God had placed on them. Paul was living for God’s glory and in turn it meant that he was living for the good of others.

To hear more about this idea of Living For God’s Glory check out the message from Sunday, September 17th, 2017 at IHOPNW.    

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