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What Child is This? | Weekly Thoughts 2: Man


When you look back at Church history, it’s clear that there was some heated discussion taking place around the Person of Jesus. In reality, people have always talked about Jesus, both in positive and negative ways. So this isn’t something new, but something as age-old as Jesus Himself: some 2,000 years.

The discussion for many years was centered around whether Jesus was fully God or fully man. The heated part was simply over the point that there was no way He could be both. It was one or the other, but not both. Now I can totally understand personally why people could get heated about this discussion. I mean come on, there’s never been a Person like this in history past and there will never be another one in the future. He’s an anomaly, and even doctors scratch their heads at anomalies. I have sympathy towards this discussion because in my natural mind, I would also agree; he’s got to be one or the other but not both.

However, when I became a Christian and began to celebrate Jesus’ first advent along with the body of Christ, I began to search out the Humanity of Jesus, and what a glorious journey it has taken me on. Learning about how human Jesus really was strengthened my love for His divinity in immeasurable ways. It’s been my experience that as I saw His humanity, I began asking more questions about why God, who is so high and lofty, would bow so low and come and live life like us. I encourage you to search out and come in contact with the humanness of Jesus. I’m certain it will blow your mind and fascinate your heart.

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