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Growing the Kingdom | Growing in Generosity 

We are so grateful for your partnership with the work we are doing here at Legacy Church! Your investment into this ministry makes what we do possible. 

We rejoice that as you sow financially, that you share eternally in the fruit of what we reap as a ministry, and pray that your own life would be abundantly blessed! (Philippians 4:17)

*Note: When choosing an electronic method of giving, we encourage partners to use their bank account (ACH transfer), as opposed to debit or credit. Fees are significantly less, and enable us to be better stewards of your gift. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How are funds used? 

Your funds help us establish a place of prayer for all to join, a meeting place for the growth of our congregational family, and the training and equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry. Every week, we host 8 hours of corporate worship and prayer, as well as a restorative setting for emotional and physical healing through our Center for Healing Prayer and other personal prayer initiatives that take place in our building. Monthly, our next step classes provide a road-map to discipleship for those seeking to grow in our community. We use gifted funds to maintain our operating costs, and provide for the few staff we employ to help keep things running smoothly. We look forward to implementing a number of other opportunities in the future that continue to extend our ministry outside of our four walls. 

What measures of accountability are in place? 

Our goal as a ministry is to operate as transparently as possible, and we are continuously taking steps to make sure that our finances are frequently reviewed and available. The leadership team (two members of which have accounting backgrounds) have assisted our organization in developing and adopting a budget. Financials and balances are reported to our board of directors and leadership team both weekly and monthly, and we seek to provide a bi-annual update to the congregation. The collection and counting of offerings takes place with many checks and balances, and is always done with two background-checked individuals. Records of funds are fastidiously kept, and the reconciliation of our ledger is done by a third-party bookkeeper. Please contact the office for further inquiry.