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Legacy Church FAQ'S

Legacy Church FAQ'S

IHOPNW has offically become Legacy Church, and we couldn’t be more excited about how God has lead our ministry. For over a decade God not only planted this ministry, He’s also sustained it, and now He’s moving it forward that it might fulfill all the promises that He has given to us.
This name change is the fruit of a prophetic word that was given in September 2019, at the conclusion of our Men’s Retreat. The decision has been forged through prayer, fasting, and lots of meetings among our leadership team, as well as our spiritual fathers to make sure that this was the direction that we were to go. 
What we have done below, is created a list of Frequently Asked Questions that have come up regarding our name change. We believe that this list will answer most of the questions that you might have. But if it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pastor Patrick Walton at and he will do his best to listen, answer any further questions and help explain what God is doing. 
At the bottom of this atricle you will find the official document that we’ve handed out to our congregation avialable for you to download. It’s the same list of FAQ’S here on this page, it’s just formatted nicely on one single PDF. You will aslo find a link to a portion of Pastor Charlie Sweet's propehtic word about our name change. 

When will the name change take place?

As of 9/27/2020 IHOPNW will publicly change its name to Legacy Church.

What does the name Legacy Church mean to us?  

It’s our desire as a ministry to leave a lasting legacy of intimacy with Jesus, a diverse family, and a missional commitment to the culture that Jesus has placed us in. We see Legacy Church as our call to join Jesus’ work, which is an eternal work, something that will exist beyond our lives, and by God’s grace, endure for many generations to come.

Are we able to continue using the International House of Prayer Northwest along with Legacy Church? 

No, we are officially Legacy Church. Initially, our ministry had two names, Forerunner Fellowship Northwest (FFNW) and the International House of Prayer Northwest (IHOPNW). The intention behind two names was to separate what happened on Sunday morning and within the community (FFNW) with what happened during the week regarding prayer (IHOPNW).  

But in January 2017 our leadership team agreed to dissolve FFNW and simply remain as IHOPNW. The reason for doing this was to make sure our ministry had a sole identity; a corporate body, who’s primary commitment was to grow in intimacy with Jesus, and others. Having two separate names creates two separate entities often with different focuses, instead we want one unified body moving in the same direction.  

The same thing is true of Legacy Church. We are one body, with one vision, and with one unique corporate identity that God has called us to walk out. 

Will our name change affect our relationship with IHOPKC (International House of Prayer Kansas City), or the NWPG (Northwest Prayer Gathering)?  

No, not at all. On paper, IHOPNW has never been officially apart of IHOPKC or the NWPG. IHOPNW has been in relationship with these ministries and it will continue to be that way. This includes us becoming an IHOPU (International House of Prayer University) satellite location (hopefully in 2021), the IHOPU Spring Break trips, and our continued efforts through the NWPG with the Global Bridegroom Fast, quarterly burns, conferences and trainings. 

Key leaders within both IHOPKC and the NWPG have spoken extensively, and positively into our name change. These leaders have served our ministry by helping us process and chart a path forward to becoming Legacy Church.  

Will our name change affect our weekly prayer meetings? 

No. Legacy Church’s primary value is intimacy with Jesus, expressed through both individual and corporate prayer. It’s our desire as a ministry to grow our prayer meetings, as well as offering more opportunities for prayer in the future, including both some morning and afternoon times.

Did God speak prophetically into our name change? 

Yes, this entire process was started through a prophetic word from Pastor Charlie Sweet, a spiritual father to our ministry. In September 2019, during the final service of our men’s retreat, Charlie prophesied a significant word over our ministry saying, “…I know that you guys call the Church the International House of Prayer Northwest, but I see a sign on your new building…and it says, Legacy Church…God’s calling this ministry to leave a legacy…” When Charlie spoke this over us publicly, it hit my (Patrick Walton) chest like a ton of bricks. It was clear, this wasn’t a good idea, but a God idea. When this prophesy came, our leadership team started the journey of following Jesus into our new identity as Legacy Church.  

How did our Leadership Team come to the decision? 

Although our entire leadership team was present during the prophesy from Pastor Charlie regarding Legacy Church, we didn’t officially start the discussion until November 2019. From then on, it became a focal point of the majority of our meetings over the next 10 months. After much prayer, fasting, emails, in person meetings, discussions, our leadership team came to full agreement and we officially decided to change the name in February 2020. 

We had set a date for our new name launch for March 2020, but when Covid-19 disrupted all of our lives, including our ministry, we pushed pause on the unveiling so that we could care for the needs of our body first. The pandemic gave us time to rethink the process and to see if Legacy Church was still the identity God was leading us into. When we gathered together in late June 2020, we were still in agreement that Legacy Church was to be our new name. 

Our leadership kept in mind our current situation with Covid-19, but we also felt that God was calling us to lead forward with courage, not allowing a moment to define us, but to continue speaking beyond the present, into our future as Legacy Church.    

What do our spiritual fathers, and other influential leaders think of our name change? 

Everyone, including Pastor Dwayne Deskins, and Pastor Charlie Sweet, along with several other key leaders, both who have been affiliated directly with IHOPNW, and others through outside relationships are in full agreement of our name change. These men, and significant leaders within the Church have spoken extensively to the process, helping us navigate this journey with great wisdom and experience.  

Will the values of our ministry change from what they currently are? 

No, we were already re-aligning our values prior to the name change. In October 2019 our entire leadership team spent a day working through our values. We started the day by removing all of our current values, and starting from scratch, to see what God was saying to us. But, by the end of the day, we had circled back around, keeping 75% of our current values, and adding 3 new ones; Hunger/Commitment to God’s Word, Becoming A Diverse Family (regarding male and female, race, economic status, spiritual gifts) and Being A Dependent People (being a people who are dependent upon God for everything). 

So, currently our values are, Commitment To God’s Word, Hunger For His Presence, Being a Dependent People, Becoming A Diverse Family, Serving, and Reaching Out To Those That Are Far From Christ. These are our values moving forward with Legacy Church. 

Will my offerings to Legacy Church still be tax deductible? 

Yes, although the name where you will give your gift will change, how the gift is processed, both internally with Legacy Church, and with the state, won’t change. Officially, our new non-profit will be Legacy Church, and no longer The International House of Prayer Northwest. 

If you have set up reoccurring giving online that will continue to function as it always has. If you make out a check to the ministry, as of October 1st, you can make those out to Legacy Church. 

Will anything change to the ministry’s social media presence and reach outside the Church building? 

No, other than the name change, from the International House of Prayer Northwest, to Legacy Church. Our Facebook page has a very strong audience of around 3 thousand likes. Our Instagram page has much less but is also growing. We will simply be changing the name of our Facebook Page, and our Instagram page to reflect the name change of our ministry. Our social media outlets will continue to serve our ministry as normal. 

What will our new website be? 

We have officially purchased a new domain name, and because was already taken, we had to use So, our current domain names will be kept, and we will simply redirect them to when people either go to or search for the International House of Prayer Northwest on the internet. 

Will our non-profit status change from IHOPNW to Legacy Church? 

No, we are going to align our present 501-c-3 status to reflect the name change. In the meantime, until this is fully moved over, IHOPNW will be Doing Business As (DBA) Legacy Church. 

Will we have new signage for the building? 

Yes. Currently we are working with a wonderful graphic designer to finalize our new logo, and once that is completed, we will be officially making signs, and working to implement them in the various places our current logo was. Because this name change was in the works far before we were even in the Hillside Plaza (September 2019), we intentionally waited so that we weren’t spending money on signs that we wouldn’t be using. 

Because the cost for large lighted signs can be expensive, we are working to see what we can do temporarily to let people know that there is a Church inside our new location at the Hillside Plaza. And then, as funding is available, it’s our intention to have a large, nice lighted sign that will tell people who we are.  

What do I do with further questions that I might have regarding the name change? 

Because we understand that it can be difficult to ask questions in a large group, or because the questions might come after our gatherings, Pastor Patrick is available over the next month to meet and serve however he can during this process. 

You can reach Pastor Patrick at and he will set up a time to connect. 

What will change with us becoming Legacy Church? 

Nothing existing in the ministry is changing, besides the name. The vision of IHOPNW and now Legacy Church has always been to build a legacy of intimacy with Jesus, a diverse family, and a missional culture among society. Up to this point we have excelled in the intimacy with Jesus portion, as we have worked hard to maintain the first commandment. However, we believe that one change that comes with Legacy Church is to start growing in the next two areas of becoming a diverse family, as well as a missional people among the culture that Jesus has placed us in.

We are not changing the direction or focus for our ministry. Our goal is to add to our direction and focus by moving fully into the unique calling and identity God has placed on our ministry and we believe Legacy Church represents all of who God is calling us to be. 

Will we have a grand opening for both our new location at the Hillside Plaza, and Legacy Church? 

Yes, we want to celebrate what God has done in our new space (the Hillside Plaza), along with our new name (Legacy Church). We are looking to a December (Christmas) celebration, or potentially in January 2021 during our annual conference with Pastor Charlie Sweet (if he’s traveling then) to officially share our space and our new name with the city. We are hoping that our new name will open new doors into individuals, families and cities. 

 Click HERE for PDF of FAQ's


Short audio clip of Pastor Charlie's prophetic word about Legacy Church