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It’s clear, God is moving not only among our nation, but throughout the nations of the earth. And although there’s always been trouble throughout the globe, these past 26 months with covid have shown us something new, something unique, something different from what’s taken place in the past 5-6 decades, and that’s the connected nature of our current calamity.

The unique thing that’s happened hasn’t been in one state, or in one country, or even in one continent, but among all 7 continents. Suddenly, in March of 2020 the earth was engulfed in a perplexing situation that has now persisted for over two years with little to no solutions to fix it. This pressure, this trouble has exposed the instability that was lurking underneath the surface. On the outside, things looked good, strong, and even powerful, but with perplexity it quickly became clear, the nations aren’t as stable as we thought.

All throughout the earth, God has been raising up a prophetic people who aren’t just prophesying with words of knowledge (though that’s important), but with clarity about the seriousness of our hour, and what lies ahead for both the Church and the people of the earth.

Over the past 4 months (Feb-May 2022) we (the leadership team of Legacy Church) have personally felt the urgency of the hour greatly increase. This page is serving to provide some links to various sermons, articles, and prophecies that are stirring our hearts currently, and calling us back into a wholeheartedness relationship Jesus, like He desires.

It’s our belief that the hour is late, the night is far spent, and the day is at hand, therefore God’s desire, as it’s always been, is for us to live soberly, righteously and alert as He’s moving in unprecedented ways (Romans 13:11-14). Beloved, there is great trouble and glory ahead of us, and because of the unforeseen landscape of our future, we must engage with God from hearts of sincerity and devotion.

*A short disclaimer about the links below. Legacy Church understands that these are subjective, and not absolute, or 100% certain. We aren’t endorsing the authors, the articles, or the sites they come from. But, what we have seen is that there is a collective story being told about both our present state, and the future ahead, and for that, we are trying to pay attention.

Links to Resources

America at the Crossroads
This is a sermon from Fred Markert about the potential/eventual collapse of America
Lots of Opinion’s, But Dry Eyes
This is a sermon from Allen Hood about the Church, and her heart being separated from Jesus
Financial Recession Shock Coming
This is an article from Bank of America’s Chief Investment Strategist
A Grim Prophesy About America
This is a sober/urgent prophecy from Pastor/Prophet Chris Reed about America
CEO Warns of Upcoming Food Crisis
This is a warning from a CEO about a potential global food crisis
Experts Discuss A Potential Global Food Crisis, And Why
This video was recommended by Mike Bickle and other leaders in the body of Christ
The State of Our Stock Market
This is an alarming article about the unprecedented current activity in the stock market
Missed Planting Season In Eastern Europe With Potentially Devastating Results
This is an article from NPR about the state of farming in Eastern Europe and it’s potential effect on the globe, especially poorer countries
Isaac Bennett’s Dream About A Coming Storm
In 2021 Isaac Bennet, Lead Pastor at IHOPKC had a dream about a coming storm that would uproot many things
Day of Lord Preaching
–Preaching begins 40:45 into the video
This is a recent sermon from Mike Bickle about Day of The Lord preaching. It’s full of great prophetic stories from the past, with an emphasis on the present. His sermon starts at 40:45 into the video. It’s also followed by a series of prophetic dreams and visions from others
The Last Days Movie
This is a documentary about 5 Hungarian Jews who survived the holocaust.
*Warning: It’s graphic, and should be watched with caution.*