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Our Vision

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We exist to Lead people that are far from God into becoming devoted followers of Jesus Christ


At Legacy Church we believe that every member is a minister and that ministry isn’t reserved for the few, but the many.  So, it’s our aim to educate, equip and release ministry into the hands of disciples who will take what has been given to them and give it to others, helping to advance Jesus' kingdom into all spheres of society.


Knowing that people need more than a menu of options for personal growth, we have created a road map that will help you walk out the process of discipleship and growth in Christ.

For us, this process is called The Map and it will lead you into a journey of growth.

  •  GATHERING—Gathering together to worship God as a family
  •  BELONG—Belonging to God’s family
  •  GROWING—Growing as disciples of Jesus who make disciples
  •  GIVING—Giving God our time, treasures and talents
  •  GOING—Going to those that are far from God